Dear oversea customers can make a reservation on Facebook page, Line, E-mail or Wechat.  Please Send us the INFORMATION, the DATE you will come, and which TREATMENT you interested in, our serice will reply you a rough price and the detail of treatment.
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After the Online consultation with oversea customer, we will reserve and keep this time for you.  If you have any situation and want to change or cancel the reservation date, please tell us as fast as you can, let our service help you to keep a new date.
●手術前準備流程 Preparation
●預約手術 Surgery Confirmation and related procedures
Check desired surgery item and fix consultation date.
●告知航班號和到達時間 Notify arrival time and flight number of the plane
Tell us your arrival time and flight number of the plane by phone, App or e-mail, and check out the appointmentyou can show up on time.
●電話確認 Confirmation by phone
The day before departure, Confirmation of appointment, arrival time by phone, App or e-mail is needed. We will give you instruction before surgery.
●到達台灣後流程Process after arriving in Taiwan
到達醫院 According to schedule you will arrive at clinic.
諮詢1:1 counseling
到達診所先填寫資料卡,然後專人諮詢,再給醫師評估檢查,諮詢後與護 士確認手術方案,然後了解手術費用。
After arriving at the Clinic on the scheduled time we make your chart and let you have consultation with our consultant. We let you have consultation with a doctor. After that we fix your operation schedule.
●付款 Payment
You can pay by New Taiwan dollar (NTD$) cash.  Patient pays entire operation cost before surgery or treatment.
●手術前檢查 Preoperative examination and Instructions
Discuss your medical history and any medications that you are on.
Stop smoking and alcoholat least 2 weeks prior to surgery because smoking greatly increases the risk of anesthesia,surgery, wound healing, &recovery
●確認療程當天流程 Treatment process
Patients have to take off all the metal accessories (earrings, rings).  And don’t wear makeup.
Consultation with doctor before Treatment.
到美容室進行治療部位麻醉。Safe anesthesia on treatment place.
進入治療室,開始療程。Start the treatment.
●確認手術當天流程 Surgery process
全身麻醉需要術前8個小時開始禁食, 睡眠麻醉需要手術前5個小時開始禁食(包括水、其它液體等)
Patients must fast before anesthesia.Do not eat or drink after midnight. This restriction includes water, milk products. You may take your regular medications with a very small sip of water.
General anesthesia required 8 hours before surgery began fasting, sleep anesthesia before surgery 5 hours required fasted.Patients must fast before anesthesia.(Including water, Other liquid,etc.)
手術當天不要佩戴金屬性物質(耳環、戒指等),也不要化妝,平時佩戴隱形眼鏡的, 請取掉隱形眼鏡, 戴普通眼鏡。
Patients have to take off all the metal accessories (earrings, rings) and contact lens. And don’t wear makeup.
After arriving at our clinic, patients follow procedure according to staff’s instruction
與醫師進行手術最後溝通。Final consultation before surgery
到麻醉室進行手術麻醉。Safe anesthesia by anesthesiologist
●手術後流程 Process after surgery
We keep patients in the recovery room and then move them to private patient’s room when patient completely wakes up from anesthesia. We check blood pressure and then offer care service by our medical staff.
Patient visits clinic according to treatment schedule and get swelling treatment and care.
It takes couple of days to remove stitches and you will receive swelling treatment after it.
Visit our clinic for checking results of surgery with overall examination. If patient is not able to stay in Taiwan until then, contact our doctor in charge after returning to your country.
●請 Email 您的照片、基本資料或聯絡方式至[email protected],請務必確認您的電話無誤。


◎療程前注意事項告知 ◎航班與停留天數 ◎診所位置與交通方式
When you complete the reservation, we will check out some important things for you on 7 days before your reservation by App, Facebook or E-mail ;
◎Inform you the precautions of treatment.
◎Check out the flight and how long you will stay in Taiwan.
◎Sent you the clinic address and the transportation.
●術後衛教 / 預約回診。


When the treatment finished, our staff will teach you how to do the home care correctly by yourself, and make the reservation for going back to check out your situation by doctor.  We will continued track and concern you for any situation after the treatment, if you have any problem welcome to contact us.Any postoperative care question are welcomed, e-mail, FACEBOOK, LINE, WECHAT are all available!